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Protection Driving Program

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Designed for personal protection specialists, close protection agents, security drivers, bodyguards, chauffeurs, and everyone who seeks to elevate their driving skills, gain knowledge and experience.

The only training that properly blends all three.

Our highly experienced instructors share their wealth of knowledge, drawing on decades of experience to provide students with the necessary tools to accomplish our challenging exercises and navigate real-world scenarios.


Our revolutionary approach gives you a solid foundation of the hard and soft skills necessary for effective and proficient protection driving regardless of your background.

Industry leaders and EP gurus alike have often held on to the belief that you cannot drive and provide protection at the same time. EPI acknowledges the reality that many EP professionals MUST successfully drive and protect their principal.

Upon completion of this program, graduates drive away with a comprehensive and versatile set of skills. Not only will they be able to overcome potentially dangerous (evasive/tactical driving) situations, but also thrive in everyday (concierge/precision driving) situations.

Exercises include multiple braking methods and advanced vehicle operation to master critical driving techniques and accident-avoidance skills. Students will learn arrival and departure techniques through unique exercises that highlight smooth, controlled navigation as well as precision driving and vehicle placement.

The Protection Driving Program (PDP) concludes with a technically advanced and realistic skid control exercise, complemented by a comprehensive and challenging combined skills exercise which replicates all the previous days of training.
EPI is also dedicated to developing and delivering custom programs for all your personal and client needs. We have a history of providing custom programs all over the world and can also provide any of our established courses at your preferred location to facilitate your logistical needs.


All students MUST attend the Protection Driving Online Sessions Modules 1-4 in consecutive order prior to the behind the wheel training within the same calendar year.

Protection Driving Program Online Sessions


Must submit proof of attending a Driver Training Program within the past 5 years to attend the two-day Behind the Wheel Protection Driving Program. Please call the office at 212-268-4555 for additional details.

**Space is Limited

**Discounts Available for Current NLA Members and Groups of 3 or more

*** Discounts Available for Current and Former US Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and First Responders (Verification Required)

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