What people say who
have been there and
done that with EPI

“I can see why your program is the absolute ‘Harvard’ in the field. Other schools come and go and you not only were the first to offer this training but you continue to set and uphold the highest standards.”

Douglas B.
Minneapolis, MN.

“I have had some really good instructors during my 30 years in law enforcement and security, but none can compare to the cadre of instructors that were assembled to teach this course.”

Warren R.
Franlinville, NJ.

“As far as employment goes, I landed my first contract while I was still in class. EPI was one of the most incredible experiences for me both personally and professionally.”

Phil F. PPS
Las Vegas, NV.

“The program was challenging, thorough and taught by instructors who shared a wealth of knowledge and experience. I believe that your class has opened the door to a rewarding profession.”

Michael L.
San Diego, CA.

“EPI’s protectors pistol course is a perfect blend of fundamentals, intensity, technique and evaluation, producing essential professional skill sets applicable to the protection industry.”

Christine S.
Delavan, WI.

"EPI has the highest caliber instructors I have ever come across. The subject matter knowledge is mind boggling, but their teaching manner and delivery is highly conducive to adult learning. They teach the art of the profession with integrity and a genuine care for the student and his or her ability to learn and retain the material. It’s amazing this can be done, given the expansive curriculum."

Scott J.
Kingston, WA.

"The information I received is my first great stepping stone into Executive Protection and I feel very fortunate to have learned not only from the best but from the most generous, giving and respected family of people."

Dean C.
Plainfield, IL.

"I have been doing Executive Protection for over 12 years in the law enforcement/government side.Still there were parts of the class that helped me. The class expanded on many areas that I needed refreshed and pointed out to me the areas that I was deficient in and needed more training and practice in. I would recommend this class to anyone who was doing protection or wanted to get into the protection field."

Captain Brian O.
PA. State Police

"None of the following would have happened if I hadn't attended EPI. Quite a bit of quality work considering most of it happened within the first 45 days of coming home from EPI. All of it has been high paying and amazing experiences:

  • Contract gig with a worldwide security Contractor based in Seattle
  • National TV contract gig
  • Selected for an upcoming national contract for another security firm
  • Selected as Travel PPS for at-risk nationally known minister"
Cade D.
Seattle, WA.

"Thank you to all of the outstanding instructors and staff from EPI. The course content and level of instruction was everything I had hoped it would be, and then some. My fellow classmates were very focused and professional, and I am honored to have attended with them."

J.D. Bonnar
Mukilteo, WA.

"Having attended the US Army's PSD course and participating in a variety of protective details, I looked forward to the opportunity to train. I expected that your training would be a nice refresher for me and that I would learn a few new things. EPI's training far exceeded my expectations; much more than a refresher and I learned many new things. This training was worth every penny and every second. I left Virginia with a pep in my step!"

Brian K.C.
Oxford, CT.