What our Nine Lives
members say

"The NLA has been a wealth of networking and opportunities. I've connected to numerous CATS who've been very helpful and have become great friends. As one of the instructors says 'It's worth its weight in Gold.' I'm anticipating more contract work and/or full time corporate EP work here very soon. Again it's because of my training at EPI that this is possible."

Chad D.
Seattle, WA.

"Sending the big Thank You to all of the EPI staff that taught and guided our class. It was a super experience that I will know forever. As for my classmates, I am glad we are a part of a very respected brotherhood."

Michael L.
San Diego, CA.

"You, your staff and instructors are the cream of the crop. From my first contact with your office inquiring about the 7-Day to the final day of training and beyond, I have not been so impressed with the level of support, respect, knowledge, competence, training ability, etc. in many, many years. The newfound camaraderie I experienced during our class was something I have been missing for a very long time, and I might add, it is something not easily achieved in any organization."

Patricio S.
Charleston, SC.

"EPI's Providing Executive Protection Program was the right choice for me. At the end of the week, members of the Nine Lives "Associates met and reviewed our performance. They reviewed each one of us to see if we had what it takes to become a member of their prestigious group. I'm proud to say that I was voted in as a member and now proudly wear the Black Cat pin when I provide executive protection."

Nathan S.
Fredericktown, OH.