Defensive Tactics

The Executive Protection Institute is committed to delivering realistic, practical, innovative, and proven response measures designed to meet the protection industry’ unique challenges that one may encounter.

Systems of defensive tactics tend to be burdened with techniques that assume ideal conditions under controlled environments.

While impressively fancy, they wither against the stress of a real world, spontaneous attack. But the body is physiologically adapted for defense. Wired responses to threats have a provable value and should serve as both foundation and bridge to street operational tactics - whether protecting self or others.

This hands-on course explores the critical concept of the “instinctual to tactical” response and its application to the dynamics of executive protection across several modules of instruction. Effective self-defense need not require years of study.

It primarily requires an appreciation for the power of adapted responses to street-level, time-compressed realities.

EPI brings a foundational skills module during our 7-Day Providing Executive Protection Program and the following additional modules available on our calendar:

  We Put The Pro In Protection

This is a collaboration of the Executive Protection Institute with many subject matter specialists in their respective fields and developed systems to meet your defensive tactics needs as a protector. It is not just self-defense, but protection of others.

Upcoming Training

Protection Response Tactics (PRT) Modules 1-6

Martinsburg,   WV .   10/26/2024    10/28/2024    Details
Protection Response Tactics (PRT) Modules 1-6

Martinsburg,   WV .   5/24/2025    5/26/2025    Details
Protection Response Tactics (PRT) Modules 1-6

Martinsburg,   WV .   10/25/2025    10/27/2025    Details

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