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PACKAGE DEAL: Celebrity Protection Advanced Workshops

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Celebrity Protection & Tour Security

This program will focus on peer-to-peer interaction, engaging participants with round table discussions on best practices, worst case scenarios and specific needs. Moderated and presented by highly experienced practitioners with years of experience working with recognizable celebrities and notable individuals who have traveled and toured the world.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding the celebrity mindset, lifestyle, personalities, likes/dislikes, drug/alcohol use, temperament, managers, agents, staff, entourages, and legal liability concerns
  • Dealing with fans, paparazzi, tabloids, social media, photos, protective intelligence and monitoring social media
  • Protection fundamentals applied to the celebrity world
  • Tour fundamentals: scheduling, advances, hotels, venue site visits, primary concerns and counter measures
  • Site arrivals, day of security, venue staff security, production staff/concerns, green rooms
  • Stalking, aggressive fans, fans on stage
  • Medical concerns and emergencies
  • Soft targets, terrorism, past events, preventative measures

Concerts, Special Events & Venue Security

Examine dealing with physical venues and locations used for concerts and special events. Participants will engage in round table discussions on best practices, worst case scenarios and specific needs. Moderated and presented by highly experienced practitioners who have traveled and toured the world providing security at literally thousands of concerts and events.

Topics Include:

  • Various types of venues, from small intimate clubs, auditoriums, to stadiums and arenas
  • Front of house and back of house areas, green and dressing rooms, and stages and back stage areas
  • Personnel in and around venues such as production staff, film, audio, and lighting techs; venue security, and management
  • Access control to various areas such as the stage, stage pits, back stage, and surrounding areas
  • Review load-in, pre and post production, and load out activities
  • Placement of protection personnel, emergency procedures, dealing with known and unknown threats
  • Fundamental security for venues and special event facilities

Estate Security & Physical Security Systems

Examine dealing with the estates and residences of celebrities and other notable individuals and families. Participate in exercises and engage in discussions on best practices moderated and presented by seasoned practitioners with years of experience working with celebrities and other notable individuals.

Topics Include:

  • Types of Estates and Properties from thousand-acre estates to high rise residences in major cities
  • How to conduct a security assessment and determine protective measures needed to secure the property
  • Study different types of physical security systems including locks, fences, gates, lighting, and electronic security systems including intrusion alarm and camera systems, as well as fire and life safety systems
  • Working with system designers and installation contractors to install or upgrade existing systems
  • Establishing policies and procedures and working with other estate personnel, such as cooks, nannies, outside contractors, and other support personnel such as doormen, maintenance, and housekeeping personnel
  • Setting up a command post and static guard houses


Jerry Heying CPP, PPS


Erik Hausch PPS
Anton Kalaydjian PPS


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Event Id:  198
Course Date(s): Monday, July 15, 2019  Through:    Saturday, July 20, 2019
Time: full days;    
Tuition: $975.00
  New York City   NY.