Specialty Programs

Executive Protection Institute provides training for all aspects within the Personal Protection Industry. By going beyond old-fashioned bodyguard schools, EPI understands the importance of diversifying the individual protectors’ capabilities and has established several specialty programs and advanced workshops to address specific slices of the executive protection industry pie.

Programs and Workshops are designed to explore best practices from highly experienced practitioners and security professionals like yourself and are delivered in a constructive, interactive “Peer to Peer” environment. Presentations are delivered by professionals with advanced knowledge of the subject matter, and participants have interactive, open round table discussions. Discounts available for multiple registrations.

Train with some of the most experienced, and honorable pros in the business

Upcoming Training

PACKAGE DEAL: Religious Protection Advanced Workshops

New York City,   NY .   5/7/2019    5/9/2019    Details

House of Worship Security

New York,   NY .   5/7/2019    5/7/2019    Details

Protecting Religious Leaders

New York ,   NY .   5/8/2019    5/9/2019    Details

PBA's Executive Protection Advancement Program (RPL)

Winchester,   VA .   6/1/2019    6/7/2019    Details

WEBINAR:The Business of Security and Executive Protection

,   Virtual Classroom .   6/3/2019    6/4/2019    Details

WEBINAR: Corporate Aircraft Security

,   Virtual Classroom .   6/5/2019    6/6/2019    Details

PACKAGE DEAL: Celebrity Protection Advanced Workshops

New York City,   NY .   7/15/2019    7/20/2019    Details

Celebrity Protection & Tour Security

New York City,   NY .   7/15/2019    7/16/2019    Details

Concerts, Special Events & Venue Security

New York City,   NY .   7/17/2019    7/18/2019    Details

Estate Security & Physical Security Systems

New York City,   NY .   7/19/2019    7/20/2019    Details

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