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William Martin

Advance Security Protection
Milford, PA

Mr. William ‘Bill’ Martin served as the Security Director of the Times Square Church, an interdenominational church located in the center of the theater district in New York City. The church hosts weekly services that serves several thousand attendees and remains open to the public. Mr. Martin served his country in the United States Marine Corps.

While serving as a Security Professional, Mr. Martin completed several Courses of Instruction and Specialized Training in the Forensic Behavioral Sciences field provided by an elite team of former FBI agents from the FBI Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia and from the University of Virginia (UVA) at Charlottesville, Virginia.

His expertise is focused on behavioral threat management, incident response, site surveys, and risk and threat assessments. Mr. Martin’s client base continues to include education and religious institutions, as well as in the public and private sectors.

He is the author of several published articles: Church Safety and Security: The Use and Effectiveness of Applying Behavioral Analysis, LawOfficer.com (March 20, 2016); Mitigating Workplace Violence, The Journal of Physical Security (June 20, 2016); The Delicate and Sensitive Nature of Church Security ASIS (March 2017). William Martin is a graduate of Executive Protection Institute and a member of the Nine Lives Associates.


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