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Michael Wylie

Ohio Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (OCLEA)

Mike Wylie has over 30 years in law enforcement and security services. He began his career as a police cadet and patrol officer for Cincinnati Police Department and later spent 16 years with Amberley Village which is a combined police/fire department.

He served as an International Police Advisor in Iraq and later was recruited as a team member for CODEL providing close protection for Iraq government officials and American VIPs. Mike has provided protection for International corporations, entertainers, and high net- worth families in the US and Mexico.

Mike is currently serving his 4th term as the President of the Ohio Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (OCLEA). He has been involved in campus law enforcement at both state and private universities and served as the Chief of Police for two colleges.Mike holds a BA in Criminal Justice Administration and is a graduate of the Northwestern University Staff and Command, the Police Executive Leadership College.

Mike obtained his Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) from ASIS International as is the Vice Chair of the Fire and Life Safety Council.

Mr. Wylie is a graduate of the Executive Protection Institute and a member of the Nine Lives Associates. He is a member of the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers.

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