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Instructor Id: 8258420

Juan Diego Gonzalez

Mexico City

Juan Gonzalez has more than 40 years actively engaged in Security projects including Personal Protection of VIPs outside USA countries. Mr. Gonzalez served twenty-six years in the US Army Special Forces and for the last 23 years he has worked in Personal Security managing security programs that include personal protection, mining operations, University security programs protecting Faculty from many countries in isolated and remote high threat locations. During his time in the Army he was an original member of the first counter-terrorist unit, and was one of the first Non-commissioned officers to work alone with a Brigade size unit in the war in EL Salvador.

During his time in the US Army Special Forces, he worked programs in Asia, Vietnam, Okinawa, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and others and once retired conducted programs in Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Afghanistan, Pakistan.

Mr. Gonzalez conducts surveys and programs for installations and VIPS, visiting and local to the project, such as the gas pipelines, University, multiple NGOs. He has trained security forces and protection Details in Dominican Republic, Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is currently involved in multiple projects of Personal Protection, Security Program Management, Training and presenting multiple seminars in Mexico.

Juan Gonzalez is a graduate of the Executive Protection Institute, a recipient of The Dr. Richard W. Kobetz Achievement Award, a member of the Nine Lives Associates and the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers.

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