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Home Defense Shotgun

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"No Experience necessary!"

This 4-hour module was designed for Men, Woman, and Young Adults to learn about the advantages of the shotgun for home defense. It is especially good for those who have had no formal training in how to shoot the shotgun, and those who may have an apprehension of it. We will ease your mind and you will become comfortable and enjoy shooting the shotgun.

Course Content:

You can bring your own shotgun and ammo, or you can use ours. We will have .410, 20-gauge and 12-gauge shotguns to use.

Ammunition not included. You will need 25-50 rounds. We have available for purchase on site. We will also have low velocity ammo available.

Space is limited to 10 people. First come first served.

$99 (with discount available for Current and Former US Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and First Responders (Verification Required)

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