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Unlocking the History of Protection Response Tactics

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Not just self-defense but protection of others

Martial Arts expert Alan Baker shares his secrets in developing the Protection Response Tactics program (PRT) designed specifically for Personal Protection Specialists and in collaboration with the Executive Protection Institute.

While defensive tactics have always been a hard skill required for professional protectors, Alan has developed a system that is specifically designed for the protector’s unique environment. Martial Art systems were not designed with the protection agent in mind. They also do not follow todays social requirements and laws that a protection specialist must adhere to.

It's called Defensive Tactics for a reason...

By attending this webinar, you will identify answers to the following questions:

And much more...

Alan’s 40-year background in multiple martial arts systems as well as his training as a personal protection specialist gave him the unique opportunity to develop something truly unique for the protection industry.

Sifu Alan Baker will introduce the origins of PRT and its fundamental methods and modules. He will also demonstrate some of the basic movements during the presentation so you can visualize the concepts.

Tuition for this webinar will be credited off tuition to attend any of the Defensive Tactics for Executive Protection (DT4EP) Modules.

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