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Protection Communication Tactics (PCT)

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Protection Communication Tactics (PCT) is a reality-based system designed to provide professionals with the ability to resolve conflict in the safest possible manner. During difficult and sometimes dangerous encounters, you will assess situations and evaluate individuals more accurately thus, making better decisions and interventions.  By enhancing both your verbal communication skills as well as being mindful of body language you will be able to perform duties and handle difficult situations safely and more effectively, shaping your reality with the power of words and projection.

Topics include:

Increased Safety and Security

Identify the warning signs and indicators of danger and the potential for violence.

Seek to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved. Learn to quickly assess dynamic situations and behavior associated with physical aggression in order to best engage, disengage or avoid an incident and request the proper assistance in a timely manner.

Professional Projection

Sustain professionalism without compromising personal safety.

The combination of appropriate attire, body language and tactical communications will provide you with the tools necessary to reduce conflict. You will maintain poise and control in the face of adversity. In virtually every instance, the proper use of Professional Projection offers practitioners the ability to respond rather than react to abusive language and hostility. You will ultimately achieve cooperation without the use of physical force or action.

Avoid Complaints

Communicate confidently, effectively and tactfully.

A calm and empathetic approach to communicating to resolve conflict is reinforced by the proper use of words, tone and gestures. You will apply self-control and restraint amid confrontation. Successful outcomes will significantly reduce the frequency of complaints or potential lawsuits typically associated with a perceived rudeness or lack of respect resulting in a more positive experience.

Improved Quality of Life

Arming professionals with the proper mindset and assertive communication skills which increases effectiveness and confidence. This in turn helps reduce stress both in your professional and personal life. Enhancing your emotional intelligence helps increase emotional awareness, guides thinking and behavior so that you consistently respond tactfully and not react emotionally to difficult situations.

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*** Discounts Available for Current and Former US Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and First Responders (Verification Required)


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