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Applying Behavioral Analysis Techniques in Security and Executive Protection Training Seminar

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Behavioral Analysis Techniques: It’s Use and Effectiveness  

·         Three Arms of Security - A Balanced Approach
·         Four Broad Types of Violence
·         Vulnerability Assessments
·         Behavioral Identification It’s Use and Effectiveness
·         Understanding Behavior Through Leakage
·         The Role of Fantasy
·         Warning Signs, Indicators and Red Flags

Behavioral Analysis and Threat Management

·         Threat Analysis – Four Phases
·         The Reactions, Responses and Resources
·         The Disturbed, Dangerous and Deviant
·         Security Managers and Protective Details on Handling Threats
·         The Complexity of Stalking
·         How to Deal with and Respond to Disruptive and Combative Persons
·         Verbal Intervention Strategies
·         The use of Non Violent Physical Crisis Intervention (NVPCI)
·         Effective Limit-Setting Tips
·         A Multi- Disciplined Approach

Violence Prevention in the Workplace

·         Three Key Mitigating Factors
·         People Protection and Revenge-Based Fantasies
·         Violence and The Threat of Mass Murder
·         Leadership In a Security Environment 

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