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The Executive Protection Institute is honored to host Natural Tactical Systems (NTS) to provide the introductory training in 360° CQD (formerly the Center Axis Relock “CAR System”).

360° CQD Advanced Handgun Training has been successfully providing reliability and efficiency to the law enforcement community. It is now available through EPI for the Personal Protection Specialist, Security and Executive Protection personnel, Military and Corrections, and those protection minded civilians with shooting experience and good safety skills. 


In 2009 and until his premature death from cancer in 2011 Paul Castle the creator of the CAR System declared Jeff Johnsgaard to be the official heir to the CAR System. Jeff has proudly continued to forward the CAR System both in technique and in instructional framework to this day. The latest evolution of CAR is our 360° CQD (Close Quarter Defense) training. This is much more than just the CAR System and offers firearms and physical skills along with specific teaching techniques to aid learning and retention.

According to the FBI’s Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) stats, from 1994-2016, nearly 50 percent (48.9%) of trained law enforcement officers were feloniously killed by a firearm at less than five feet. Moreover, nearly 70 percent (68.9%) of officers killed were less than ten feet away and over 80 percent (82.1%) were killed within 20 feet of the attacker.Due to the extremely close distances, these situations often afford the officer little or no time to effectively draw and aim. The situation is compounded by the involuntary activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which triggers the fight or flight reaction, otherwise known as the Body Alarm Response. As such, when faced with imminent threats of death or serious bodily injury; time, space, and the body work against the person who uses traditional firearms positions and tactics. Further, you may find yourself in a vehicle or other confined environment unable to move, escape, or take cover when a sudden attack occurs.

When learned properly, the 360° CQD (formerly CAR System) outperforms traditional stances in these circumstances. We believe the most optimal method is to utilize the 360° CQD method in conjunction with Weaver & Isosceles.

Gunfights for law enforcement typically occur at ranges of less than 30 feet according to the previously mentioned LEOKA stats. At gunfighting distances from zero to approximately 30 feet, 360° CQD cannot be matched for efficiency and effectiveness. This does not diminish the utility of other traditional shooting platforms such as the Weaver and Isosceles stances, especially at longer distances or when the threat is identified sooner enabling more time and opportunity to adjust. It should be noted that officers often perform well at distance or when the attacker is scripted or moving unrealistically; however, when forced to perform at close range, the stance, reload techniques, and even the draw become less optimal and often unsafe.

Natural Tactical Systems (NTS) offers two things: Process and Content.

Process refers to the method of instruction, both the structure and technique of teaching for the most beneficial learning to occur. NTS defines optimal learning as the ability to evaluate and chose proper responses under stress then to perform those skills to a high degree. To think and perform under critical stress. A large portion of the process has been taken from Mr. Ken Murray of the Reality Based Training Association ( His course on Reality Based Training is the best NTS has ever seen, and his methods have been proven to work for almost three decades.

Content refers to specific techniques and tactics we have seen to work in real life encounters. NTS is not about any techniques set in stone but prefer principles. We have a method for evaluation which is person and situation specific. There are only four possible responses (talk – fight – shoot – leave) and we believe you must search and evaluate the most optimal techniques in each category. Our curriculums are constantly updating when we find more optimal content and the techniques are taught with Ken Murray’s process principles for reality-based training.

Why is EPI thrilled to bring this opportunity to you?

The objective of this methodology is to elevate the protector’s confidence and capabilities with the use of their firearms at various distances during a deadly force encounter. This capability becomes particularly critical at close quarters as many deadly force encounters occur within a short distance impacting the response time for the protector.

Reliable, immediate, and efficient firearms manipulation becomes crucial at close distance. This in turn enhances the decision-making process related to the utilization of deadly force during a potentially lethal encounter.

Protectors cannot just overcome time and distance but also be able to engage a potential threat from various positions and distances while maximizing their primary goal to provide protection. This includes the ability to draw, aim and shoot from unorthodox positions while in motion.

Traditional shooting stances, grip, aiming, and firing are either replaced or modified with an advanced codified system to respond to a lethal event quickly and decisively.

Who can participate in this training?

Current and former law enforcement, military and corrections, security and executive protection personnel and those protection minded civilians with shooting experience and good safety skills.


Three packages to choose from:


2-Day 360° CQD End Users Course - September 7-8, 2024 (Saturday-Sunday) Starts at $650 (check PDF information)


3-Day 360° CQD Intermediate Course – September 7-9, 2024 (Saturday-Monday) Starts at $900 (check PDF information)


5-day 360° CDQ Basic Instructor Course – September 5-9, 2024 (Thursday-Monday) Starts at $1600 (check PDF information)


If you are interested in registering, contact us at (212)268-4555 or Request Registration Packet

**Temporary permits can be secured to bring your own pistol from the mainland. 
***Pistol rental and ammunition purchase available upon request. You will need 800 rounds.
****Space is limited, on a first-come, first-serve basis.
*****RANGE COST: $35 per day, per person, in addition to your tuition.
***** ACCOMMODATIONS:  You will be able to find hotels/Airbnb nearby. The Range RL Shooting Club, Inc is located at Carr 7156 KM 54.8, Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico,  00703.
Hotel nearby: Four Points By Sheraton Caguas Real Hotel & Casino. Click Here for Hotel website.
***** MEALS: There is a restaurant on site that offers breakfast and lunch, menu a la carte.


Presenter: Jeff Johnsgaard



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Event Id:  601
Course Date(s): Thursday, September 5, 2024  Through:    Monday, September 9, 2024
Time: 8am-4pm;    
Tuition: $650.00
Puerto Rico  
Registration Deadline: July 31st   .