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Warrior's Motion® - Joint Opening Workshop

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Fundamental joint opening / joint expansion

It is our belief that there are only two energies that exist in the universe, expansion, or contraction. Unfortunately, in most martial arts training there is an abundance of contracting and compressing movements that are done on a regular basis. By learning joint expansion, the student will gain the ability to open joints of the body at Will and be able to balance the amount of contraction versus expansion energies of the body.

Joint expansion is a learned skill that will take Time to learn, but once it has been introduced and a basic understanding is reached it can have incredible benefits to the connective tissue systems of the body.

Energy centers of the body

Warrior’s motion believes there are three main energy centers of the body. The Dantian (four fingers with below the navel) The Shanzhong (midpoint between the nipples) Sunquan (the third eye). These body centers and the ability to produce energy/motion and express it outwardly through the limbs of the body is our goal.

Energy gates of the body

The four main energy gates of the body are the hip joints and the shoulder joints. These areas are also where large amounts of tension and stress can be held in the body depending on the practitioner’s mental state, level of injury or diet.

Range of expansion and how it is lost through time

If you watched children, they would have an incredible range of motion. This range of motion is due to flexibility, but it is also related to their ability to expand in their major and minor joints. As we age into adulthood, we lose the ability to do any type of expansion. Joint expansion is also hindered by higher levels of stress, frequent injuries, and a bad diet. When a Warriors motion practitioner starts training joint expansion the potential to regain the range of expansion is increased. Once this new rent range of motion or range of expansion has been reopened it has not had the benefit of the strength training of the practitioner up to the point of opening. Since it has not had this strength training this new range is weaker than the range that has had frequent training. It is important to know that any time new range is gained it will have to be strengthened and brought up to speed with the practitioner's current level of strength.

Presenter: Sifu Alan Baker, PPS

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Event Id:  578
Course Date(s): Saturday, October 22, 2022  Through:    Saturday, October 22, 2022
Time: 5pm-7pm;    
Tuition: $99.00
  Martinsburg   WV.